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Meet the Photographer

Frans Dekker
Born in 1969 in Terneuzen, graduated at the AKI Academy of Art & Design.

With more than 25 years of experience, Frans Dekker has earned his marks as a high-end photographer. The Dutch photographer is established in the city center of Enschede, The Netherlands. With his own professional studio, the possibilities of creation are endless. His work can be defined as dynamic, bold and always of high quality. Finding the right light, composition and angle is his second nature. The last couple of years Frans has focused on creating a diverse portfolio, which consists out of Product, Advertising & Fashion Photography. He not only delivers photography but full thought out concepts that he creates with his team, day in day out. This has unfolded in a new platform called New Imaging, where several multidisciplinary crafts come together, such as Animation, 3D, Illustration, Photography and Film. Making sure that every client gets a unique, customized experience.

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